Hi everyone, 

We are thrilled to announce that, although it took longer than we’d hoped (as things always do), we have a beautifully updated website! We have been working quite literally around the clock simply because we want to help you. We have checked out every photographer in our area and we’re very excited to say that our website is truly the best out there! So many brides and grooms are lost and confused when it comes to their wedding day timeline – we’re determined to fix this and make your wedding day as stress free as possible for you! We have created everything we could possibly think of to help you in both written and video form on our website. Please know, we’re not wanting to give you “information overload” so feel free to just view what peaks your interest! Remember too if you don’t want to navigate our site, we’re always here so feel free to email, call, text, or meet with us if you’d like for any reason at anytime! We have simply created this as many like to click around on a website and learn. We were so surprised that no one else is near as thorough when many of you haven’t done this before and need us, as vendors, to share our wealth of knowledge with you! Hopefully the time we’ve taken to do this for you shows just how much we care about creating the most flawless special day for you. The reason we’ve been a bit MIA is solely because all of our time was put aside to create something to help you and it took a bit longer than planned. 🙂

If you haven’t ever met us in-person and you’re a 2020 wedding, then please do so before our busy season (our busy season starts 4/25/20) as we average well over 100 hours per week of nonstop working during this time so meeting prior to the craziness is oh so greatly appreciated. 🙂

We want to mention also that we are doing a very cool referral program to say a HUGE thank you to you if you refer several couples in the future! We realize that often times your friends are at a similar place in their life, enjoying their engagement and wedding day planning too. If you refer 3 couples that book us, you’ll receive a crystal cover luxury album (priced at $999!) or bump that number up to 5 and we will give your wedding to you for FREE! Just ask us for the details and restrictions. Over 50% of our weddings are referrals which is SO incredible to us and we really cannot say thank you enough to all of our wonderful couples that make our referral rate one of the highest out there! Once you share our website with other engaged couples, we know that we’ll be selected as we have devoted all of our free time to helping our couples and we know how much this truly sets us apart. 🙂

If your friends and family mention us for a session that is not wedding related they can take $100 off ($50 off for anything to do with their wedding) and if you mention us for your future session, you can take $200 off. Our clients mean everything to us – seeing you again after your wedding day is so much fun for us – it’s amazing to watch your milestones in life unfold and enjoy those right alongside you. We want to be your photographers for life! Be sure to check out our maternity, family, newborn, pet, and corporate work so you can see we are just as talented when it comes to other sessions too. 🙂 https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/everything-but-weddings/

Additionally, when you review us and write about how wonderful we are on social media, sometimes we aren’t able to properly respond due to how hard we work for you but we want you to know that when we see this, we smile from ear to ear and it seriously means more to us than you’ll ever know. We want to also mention, when you recommend us in the WI Brides! forum (https://www.facebook.com/groups/171644596646578/) on Facebook, we are so thrilled and definitely do notice. 🙂 If you review us on the Knot (https://www.theknot.com/), WeddingWire (https://www.weddingwire.com/), and on Google, then we’ll give you a FREE canvas print (normally $89) as a HUGE thank you for this. And please know, if your experience is any less than a perfect 5 stars, we’d love for you to send us a message and give us the opportunity to fix it prior to reviewing us as one bad review (or even mediocre!) can ruin a small business – we spend over 100 hours every week working for you so we really hope you can see just how much we care about our couples! We’ve happily completely skipped having a personal life most months for many years now to ensure our couple’s experience is perfect and if you look at our website, you can see just how much time and effort we’ve put forth to helping you and that literally no other vendors have done this. 🙂

Have questions for us? We’re always here for you but again, if you’d like to check out our website, our FAQ is the most thorough out there! There are many that prefer to just listen to a chunk at a time while in the car as it’s in both written and video form! The FAQ is designed to help you and not just answer questions about us. We promise that it’s worth checking out. 🙂 https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/faq/

We’re going to delve right into the navigation of our site to help all of you out! If you scroll down on the home tab, most will be easily accessible from here but we’ll introduce everything in the links below.

Don’t really want to ask your guests for money but absolutely do not need one more household appliance? Ask for a gift card to us so you can select from the highest of quality products and can conveniently order from your online gallery! The benefit to purchasing from us is we triple check your images to ensure they look flawless and really pop then have you approve all prior to ordering. 🙂

Take a peek at some of our wonderful products at this link – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/packages-pricing/ *Most guests are excited to give you a gift card and feel it’s more thoughtful than cash so if you’d enjoy photo books and prints to beautifully display your special day all around your home, then you’ll absolutely love a gift card to us! sbphotoanddesign.com/shop *We’ve had couples simply put that link on their invites, welcoming their guests to give them a gift to us. 🙂

For a limited time, take 40% off ALL of our luxury albums! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/pricing/#1551291057505-ce30626c-0c9f

Fall in love with our brides as they dish out some wonderful advice for you to enjoy and share in their beautiful love stories – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/our-couples-stories/

Our blogs are designed to help and we think the article on choosing a wedding photographer is great to share with couples that haven’t yet selected their photographer – we won’t all blur together once they know what to look for! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/choosing-your-photographer/

These simple tips are so awesome for ensuring your wedding day photos will be as perfect as possible! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/23-essential-tips-to-ensure-youll-love-your-wedding-photos/

We’ve got tips for literally everything else too! Take a peek at our engagement session tips here… https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/19-tips-to-make-the-most-out-of-your-engagement-session/

*Take a look at our site to see both questionnaires and tips for every type of session!

Imagine this: your special someone is handed a present on your wedding day. They open it up to find gorgeous, sexy images of you that make them even more excited to see you walk down the aisle towards them. For a VERY limited time, you can go up to the next boudoir package COMPLETELY FREE! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/boudoir-photography/

Struggling with your timeline? This in-depth article will give you all the information you need (and so much more!) to make your day run smoothly – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/wedding-day-timeline/

Often brides are stuck with what to do throughout planning to stay on track. Here’s something that will really help! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/the-perfect-timeline-to-keep-you-organized-leading-up-to-your-wedding-day/

We asked ourselves, if it was our day, what would we want to see from our wedding photographers before booking them? In an ideal world, we’d love to see what our experience would be like the day of – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/us-in-action/ and all the photos they deliver to their couples – http://photos.sbphotoanddesign.com/ not just their favorites – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/top-picks/. We highly recommend seeing all images from your wedding photographer but we totally get planning a wedding plus life can equal stress which is the complete opposite of our goal with our website so if it’s too time consuming to view all images from couples’ wedding days, seeing quick snapshots of them is so much fun to view and really shows how perfectly we cover each aspect of your day – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/wedding-day-snapshots/

*Couples were very surprised when they compared our full weddings to others as they could see just how perfectionistic we are and we no longer blurred together with other photographers. 🙂 Additionally, we have yet to find another photographer who created “in action” videos and even though it was very time consuming for us as video is not our specialty, it was well worth it for us so that you can feel at ease knowing what good hands you are in on your wedding day. 🙂 We feel that what we’d love to see in our wedding photographer is something that we must do, even if no one else does!

Just think about it for a second: when interviewing for a job, the candidate can be so great at the interview but until you actually see them in action on the job, you can’t know for sure what you’re going to get. Just like a job interview, all other photographers tell you what to expect with them, leaving you no choice but to trust your experience day of will be as they say. It’s different than a job though because it’s one day and you can never get it back. Let us SHOW you, not tell you, what your experience will be like with us; don’t leave anything to chance on the most important day of your life! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/us-in-action/

There are so many couples that ask us about where we recommend for their engagement session location which is why we’ve created this page – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/engagement-snapshots/

We are so careful who we recommend as this reflects directly on us. We tried to keep it local small businesses, like us, but also based this on the quantity of brides that spoke highly of a business. The following vendors have received rave reviews by a minimum of 3 of our couples. The majority are in and around the Milwaukee area as this is where our studio and office are located. We’ve worked hard to select the ones we believe to be truly the best in the biz – enjoy! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/recommended-vendors/

We love to share our rave reviews and it makes us tear up every time we receive one – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/rave-reviews/. We took it one step further and created 2017 collages of our weddings with what the couple said about us next to it! https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/collages/ *Time permitting, we’ll do this again in the future.

We’re a tight-knit group, frequently sharing in dinners and a myriad of other memories together. We talk about “work” a lot; we simply can’t stop gushing about how amazing our couples are and sharing our incredible shots with each other. My entire face still breaks out into a smile every time someone asks, “do you do this full-time?” Get to know us better here – https://www.sbphotoanddesign.com/about-us/ 

We feel that we truly stand apart from every other photographer as we have devoted all of our time during this slow season to making sure your day flows as smoothly as possible. Our couples mean the world to us and we are so thankful for each and every one of you. 🙂 We are wrapping up our business plan to raise pricing to be more comparable to all others with our quality and value so you truly did book at a great time as we have done the research and know you got the absolute best pricing for value/ two photographers and quality out there! 🙂

We hope this email has been helpful and that you enjoy our new website! Feel free to forward this to others getting married and please remember, we are truly here to help, so anything that we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask!

We know this is long so the most important aspects of this email will be sent in smaller chunks via email for the next couple of weeks. 🙂 We just wanted one blanket email that covers it all! 

Thank you so much, YOU mean the world to us! 

Sheryl, Adam, and the SB Family 
2727 N. Grandview Blvd Suite 101 Waukesha, WI 53188