Ben Foster
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My love for photography was derived whilst digging through my grandparent’s attic and stumbling across an old film camera. I began taking pictures at a young age, and haven’t stopped since. My career started while working part-time for a little photo studio in Mandal Norway, making photo prints and picture frames. Since then I have had the opportunity to take my photography around the world, working for multiple different photographers in a variety of settings. I love challenging myself by using unique tools and techniques in my photography to help make each photograph more than just a photo, but a piece of artwork.

It’s been 4 years since my professional photography journey began, and after hundreds of weddings and other shoots, I am still as excited as ever to help make each couple’s photographic experience unique every time. No couple is cookie cutter, and their images shouldn’t be either.

Would you rather have unlimited tacos or sushi for life?
Tacos… Tacos… Tacos.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Rakfisk… Basically, fish that’s left to sit for a couple of months, then eaten raw… 0/10 would not recommend

Who would you like to sit next to most on a 10-hour flight:
Jerry Garcia, pretty sure he holds the answers.

Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
The Cradle Mountain Range in Tasmania.

What’s something that someone said that changed how you view the world?
Shut up and prepare to be amazed.

What song have you completely memorized:
“It’s Raining Men” – The Weather Girls

What’s your favorite food/drink:
Does coffee count for both?

My favorite weddings
Kind words

“Thank you so much! We could not be happier with the images you captured. I loved seeing so many images of our friends and family enjoying the day as well! I know both of our families appreciate all those candid snapshots so much.

Thank you once again, I rave about SB to any newly engaged couple I see!!”

-Danny & Natalie

“We are SO thrilled that we booked SB Photography & Design. Sheryl was an absolute dream to work with – she is so quick to respond, and gives the best advice. She helped me so much with my timeline and even set aside time to have a phone call to walk through my day-of timeline – way above and beyond what I would expect from any photographer. We had Kelsea & Ben as our photographers the day-of, and they were both absolutely incredible. Not only were they laid back and easy-going and fun to hang out with, but our pictures turned out incredible. I can’t believe how many different poses & photos we got back – we have so much to choose from. We got over 1,300 photos back from our entire day and we’re in love with how perfectly they captured our friends & family. Plus, they included a print credit for us which was such a nice bonus! I’m so happy with our photos because they actually captured the candid, goofy little moments that were happening on the side that I’m so glad I’ll be able to remember forever. I’m so glad we decided to go with SB Photo – I highly recommend them to any bride!”

-Gina & Connor

“Our photographers were Sheryl and Ben!! Both were absolutely amazing. We worked with Sheryl since day one, she did our engagement photos as well as our wedding. She made us feel comfortable while she was taking photos of us as well as feeling comfortable opening up to her on what we liked and what did not like. I (the bride) can sometimes be a little controlling and Sheryl was amazing with following all of my lists and checking all of my boxes, but she also helped push me out of my comfort zone and those are some of my favorite photos!

We hadn’t met Ben until the day of our wedding and truthfully could not imagine our wedding without him. We enjoyed working with him so much, he has an amazing energy and personality. All of the groomsmen loved working with Ben. I would highly recommend SB Photo to anyone!”

-Bailey & Dustin

“Thank you so much for sending these over! Considering how many you took and how much work went into them, I’m impressed with how quickly you got them back to us. They look absolutely perfect! Thank you so much to you and Ben for all your hard work on our special day, and thank you to you, Adam, for your patience in answering questions and talking with us to set up a schedule leading up to the day. We’re so excited to share these photos with everyone and are so happy with how they turned out!!”

-Nicole & Chris

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