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We are so excited to relax with you over a cup of coffee and hear your beautiful love story as getting to know you is truly one of our absolute favorite things to do. 😊
Do all weddings photographers blur together for you?

We totally get it and want to share with you EXACTLY how we stand apart!

  1. Our site is chalked full of tips and timelines that are truly the most helpful you’ll find! From wedding day tips  to the correct timeline to stay on schedule prior to your special day to tips for your engagement session to our incredible wedding day timeline article, we SHOW you that we’re here to help you every step of the way!
  2. We’re a small, tight-knit family (we’ll always stay small so we can be sure all of our portfolios and personalities are amazing) but we’ll never be so small that we don’t have a backup (regardless of what any two person team says, they can get sick or get in accident, no one is super human). Once you see our portfolios, you’ll be shocked that you can select your two favorites from our seriously incredible group! Meet Our Team!
  3. We show our FULL weddings and you can SEE us at actual weddings and other sessions. Knowing what will be delivered to you and what your experience will be like the day of are the two things you really need to know yet somehow we are the ONLY ones who have taken the time to show you both! *Please note, the average number of photos a wedding photographer gives you is between 4-600, we give typically over DOUBLE (there is no cap!) and as you can see by our full weddings, we flawlessly edit each and every image! Once you’ve peeked at these, you won’t be able to imagine thoroughly covering your precious memories in such a small amount of images. ☺
  4. We give you all images both online in full resolution without logo for your guests to download FREE AND on a flash drive for you. You can hide any images prior to sharing your private link. Your guests always get amazing images too when you choose us so instead of you having to find their images on your flash drive, you can simply direct them to our site, and unlike every other photographer, they don’t have to order through us, they can download their images free! We get emails all the time from wedding guests saying they used our photo as a canvas for their living room or a Christmas card and this seriously makes our day! 😊
Others see just how we stand apart so this is why we are over 70% booked for 2020 and have over 20% of our 2021 dates booked. Check to see if we’re still available today. 😊
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