*We do not guarantee that we will get every shot for you that you request but we do promise that we will try our absolute best to ensure no shots are missed.

Getting ready (the girls):

  • Details (dress, rings, garter, jewelry, bouquets, shoes, anything else sentimental/ any other small details you’d like photographed)
  • Dress (front and back) and with then without bridesmaid dress(es) lined up *Please have wedding dress, and one or all bridesmaid dresses in the same spot so we can take them to be photographed with all other detail shots
  • Bride with bridesmaids (individually and as a group – before and after dresses on)
  • Bride alone
    Bridesmaids helping bride touch up makeup *The photographer will show you a photo of your hair/ makeup so you can see exactly how it photographs.
  • Candids of bridesmaids and bride getting ready
  • The tying of the dress (we will get this from all angles) *We try to get everyone who is in the getting ready room in a group photo together (and all individually with bride if time permitting) before you leave the room.

Is there anything else we missed? (For example, are you doing any first looks? Would you like flower girl in bride’s dress? Do the bridesmaids have anything that matches i.e.: jewelry, purses, shoes etc. that you’d like photographed, is there any specific people you must have photos with prior to the ceremony?)

Please make a list of any and everyone you would like to get photos with pre-ceremony

*Please have all the small details you’d like photographed in a bag/ in the same location for us when we arrive so we can shoot the dress, rings, shoes, bouquets, and other details right away.

We will try to quickly find a nice place to photograph your details (indoors or out) – if the weather is nice, is it ok if we hang your dress outdoors on a tree branch or would you prefer we find a place inside to photograph it?  And don’t worry, if groom is in the same area, we will tell him to stay in his room during this time. 🙂 *If bride and groom are getting ready in same place, both photographers will photograph details together then split up.

*We will also pay close attention to time to ensure we have it back to you when you request and will be sure to ask you how much time we have. We do request that you allow 45 minutes for detail shots (if you have a lot of details).

Getting ready (the guys):

  • Ceremony site as a whole before guests arrive and all the little ceremony details/ reception details if set up and in same location/ outside of building
  • Boutonnieres
  • Ties

*If both are already done we will recreate. If there is a special person placing on boutonnieres, please let us know here and we will be sure to have them recreate if needed

  • Candids
  • Groom alone
  • Groom with groomsmen and ushers (individually and as a group)

*We try to get everyone in the getting ready room in a group photo together and individually if time permits.

Please make a list of any and everyone groom would like to get photos with pre-ceremony:

*We will be sure to remind everyone to smile during getting ready shots/ anytime throughout the day if they’re not and joke around with them, as the photos will turn out much better.

*Please note, both photographers do like to arrive at the ceremony 15 minutes early if possible. They will ask if there’s anything you need or any last shot requests before they leave then head to the ceremony to ask the officiant about rules/ introduce themselves, test their light, and photograph guests arriving.


  • Guests arriving (also, posed in pews time permitting)
  • Processional (grandparents/ parents, wedding party walking in, bride walking down aisle and groom’s face) – one photographer will stand in pew half way down, the other at the end of aisle for processional
  • All events throughout (unity candle, reading, singing, vows, exchange of rings, kiss, sand ceremony, and anything else happening)
  • Recessional (grandparents/ parents (possible)), wedding party walking out) – both photographers will be in back to get this.

Receiving Line:


*Please note, with two photographers, we recommend not having your line up against a wall because we like to have one photographer shooting from behind you and one from the front so we can get the guests’ faces while hugging the bride/ groom and the brides’/grooms’ faces as well. Otherwise, one can photograph the bride and groom and the other, everyone else (parents/ wedding party) in the receiving line. We don’t recommend having others in the wedding party unless they’re close to a lot of your guests or it’s important to them as constant introductions do slow down the line.

Family posed shots:

Please list any and all posed shots you’d like (for example, bride/ groom with officiant, bride/ groom with all family (extended), bride with dad, bride/ groom with bride’s parents, bride/ groom with grandparents, bride/ groom with siblings, bride with sister, bride/groom with flower girl). Additionally, they should be written like this: bride/ groom with mom (Stacy) so we know their relationship to you as well.

Please note, we try to do extended family then all small children and grandparent poses first so please place these groups first on your list of poses.

List all family poses/ all groups you’d like in church here:

*We don’t know who is important to you so if you list off exactly who you’d like photos with and what groups you’re wanting then it goes so smoothly as we can just have a point person read them off and move to the next person. Be sure to tell all family being photographed to stick around for family posed shots.

*Unless requested, we do not pose families completely the same but will make sure everyone looks great/ not awkward and we will tell them exactly what to do with their hands, where to stand etc. so no time is wasted if they do need direction.

*Both photographers will be sure all faces can be completely seen in large group shots and tell people to smile if they’re not.

*If someone did not stay, it is difficult but we will write their name down and try our best to get them immediately at the reception.

*If parents are divorced, please remember to list exactly which groups you’d like photographed together and let us know this. Please mention anything that would be helpful for us to know.

During family shots, we typically will have dad kiss bride on cheek and mom and bride look at each other smiling and laughing after getting a smiling shot of each looking at camera. Additionally, we typically have the bride and groom’s mom (“groom’s two favorite ladies”), kissing him on both cheeks after posed smiling shot of all 3 of you.

We will check with both family, bridal party, and bride/groom prior to leaving this location and the next to ensure absolutely no shots are missed that anyone wanted.

Do you have a lot of small children you will be getting posed photos with?  If so, please have a parent there to try to make them smile or tell us words to say to make them smile.

*We will do a couple wedding party poses at church (more traditional) especially if ring bearer/ flower girl/ ushers are not travelling with you to other location, 1-2 bridesmaid, 1-2 groomsmen, 1-2 groomsmen + usher, then a few traditional bride/ groom shots as well as bride alone.

  • Wedding party shots:
  • 5-7 bridesmaid poses
  • Bride individually with each bridesmaid (1 smiling, 1 more candid/ fun – you can choose what you’d like to do for this one – hugging, kiss on cheek, picking up, smiling, looking at each other, pretending to dip, jumping, foreheads together etc.)
  • 5-7 groomsmen poses
  • Groom individually with each groomsmen and usher (1 smiling, 1 more candid/ fun – you can choose what you’d like to do for this one – shaking hands, picking up, high five, fist bump, jumping, dipping, swordplay with flowers, jumping high five, fake wrestling etc.)
  • Bride alone
  • Groom alone
  • 7-8 wedding party poses
  • 25-30 bride/groom poses
    • Please list bride and groom’s height here:
      *This helps us correctly select bride/groom poses
  • Ring shots (typically 2)

List any additional wedding party groups, poses, or specific people you’d like photos with here:

Are there any other specific people that you’d like photos with throughout the day? (example: an uncle, friend, godparent etc.)

Will you have a party bus? If so, we will get a toast photo, the two of you kissing/ toasting/ candids of you and wedding party. Would you like a few minutes of photos to get these shots before leaving or would you like someone riding with on the bus?

Will you be going to a bar? If so, we will photograph candid moments as well as the girls and guys doing shots/ toasting (looking at each other and looking at the camera for all poses), then the wedding party as a whole toasting/ looking at us then each other (in a circle, we’ll be standing on a chair typically)

  • Bustling of dress (please let us know when you’re doing this if you’d like it photographed)



  • All small details – we prefer to get here prior to your guests in order to photograph the reception venue as a whole without people as well as introduce ourselves to the DJ and discuss the timeline for the night with him. We will get detail shots individually and as a whole table and room as well.
  • Posed table shots (we get the whole table, then couples and families individually time permitting)
  • If there’s a sunset, would you like to leave your reception for 10 minutes for bride groom shots time permitting?
    • Yes
    • No
    • *If you’d like someone else or a group with, please specify:
Bride and groom speaking with their guests – we will do our best to get you with all guests and keep in mind, there are times that candid moments can equate to awkward moments, if you want to ensure you got a smiling shot with your guests just quickly look over at us and we’ll take a nice posed shot. *We may also request smiles during the getting ready phase of the day to ensure your photos are flattering. 🙂

*We also joke around with your guests to ensure they’re smiling for candid photos throughout your reception.

  • All events: grand march, speeches, cake cutting, first dances, garter and bouquet throw.
  • Are you having all events listed above at your wedding?_____________

Anything else we should know about – an event/ game during dinner if guests want bride and groom to kiss – we will photograph each time a new guest comes up but please have us seated close to the head table, another dance (generation dance, dollar dance, shoe game etc.… anything special with dances we should know about?)

Is there anything else we missed? If you can think of anything you’d like to mention to us or if you have any absolute must-have shots or poses, please list here:___________