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My name is Keri, and I love stories! Not just reading stories, but listening to stories, re-telling stories, and photographing stories: love stories like yours! And the great thing about photos, is that each and every photo has its own little story.

Do you even print your photos anymore? Or do you have 20,000 digital copies stored on a cloud somewhere like I do? Seriously, over 20,000! Well, my family used to have boxes and boxes of photos laying around, and we would sort through these boxes at almost every family gathering. My mom and dad, my twin sister, and my two brothers and I would sit around our round kitchen table; we would take out these boxes and look at all the pictures! We’d laugh, we’d cry, and we’d share so many meaningful conversations. I LOVED the stories that went along with these boxes of photos, and that is a huge reason why I always have a camera in my hands! I never want to miss capturing a memory.

So how did I get into wedding photography? Well, first of all, weddings have been a part of my life since I was a baby! My mother and grandmother were both professional cake decorators and seamstresses! Every Saturday I’d go with them and watch them set up their tower of cakes and deliver miniature bride’s dresses! Second of all, I was taking pictures all the time… and people noticed! In 2011, my co-worker Patti asked me if I would be willing to take photos at her daughter Julie’s wedding! I excitedly said, “YES!” and couldn’t wait for that day to come! As soon as the hustle and bustle of that wedding day began, my love for weddings, art (I graduated college with an art teaching degree), and photography came together and it was clear that I was meant to be a wedding photographer! I loved every second of that day, especially all the beautiful details and the authentic emotional moments! And the people! Oh my goodness… the people are my most favorite part of a wedding day: meeting you and your family, hearing all the stories from your bridesmaids and groomsmen on how you met, watching your friends and family let loose out on the dance floor, and seeing you both hold back tears while waiting to see each other for the first time!

Your wedding day has so many treasurable moments that you will want to remember, and I enjoy capturing those memories! Searching for these moments on a wedding day is actually one of my favorite things to do because of my own personal wedding experience. When looking for vendors for my wedding, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into what I’d actually want photographed. In the end, I decided to have the photographer ONLY take formal photos after the ceremony. I didn’t have the photographer take any pre or post-ceremony photos. Sadly, I don’t fully remember what I was feeling putting on my dress for the first time, or what my dad looked like when he saw me for the first time, or how big of a smile I had on my face during my first dance with my husband, because I don’t have any photos of those moments to help jog my memory. And, while I have great formal photos of Craig and I, and our families, I didn’t have any photos of the moments that really mattered to me. It’s incredibly important for me to stay alert to all that is happening on your wedding day so I can capture the moments that will really matter to you—ones that you might miss because you are somewhere else having a special moment of your own! I genuinely want you to look at the photos from your wedding and remember every wonderful moment that happened. I want the photos to tell your wedding day love story!

My love story began when I met my husband-to-be while running cross country in high school in 1992! It took him eight years to propose, and when he finally did… my wedding day couldn’t come fast enough! He was my best friend, and still is today! I was fortunate to have married him in 2001, and we now have three children-all three years apart! Our oldest is a boy and the other two are girls! We love being outdoors to camp, bike, and swim. We play all sorts of sports, listen to all types of music, and participate in trivia contests! In the summer of 2018, we traveled 4,284.7 miles to and from Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park and have so many spectacular stories to share!

I grew up in a tiny northern Wisconsin town called Withee, and appreciate the small things in life, like the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of crickets chirping as I look into the starry sky, and the warmth of a burning campfire (with a beer in hand)! I cheer loud (SERIOUSLY LOUD) and proud for my Green Bay Packers, and joyfully sing the wrong words to almost every song on the radio. I have also trained for and participated in three Olympic distance triathlons! I’ve been professionally photographing weddings and families since 2011 while being a stay-at-home mom, and have loved every second of it!

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to use my gifts to capture moments that will last a lifetime. I’d love to join you for a cup of coffee or a coke sometime–my treat–and can’t wait to hear your love story!

When are you most at peace?
I am most at peace when I am at the lake: there is nothing better than a crackling fire, a relaxing pontoon ride, watching the sunset, listening to the crickets chirp, and looking up at the stars! Some of my greatest conversations have taken place on the lake!

Are you a righty or a lefty?
I do everything as a lefty EXCEPT cut with a scissors. I can only cut with a scissors made for a righty!

What is one of your favorite smells?
Fresh cut grass! I love to mow the lawn, it’s one of my favorite chores!

What is unique about you?
I have an identical twin sister! We have lived 1,100 miles apart from each other for 20 years yet have “twin moments” all the time! We can seriously finish each others thoughts and sentences. One time, we both decided to make banana bread on the same day. Each of us started our recipe and midway through mixing—both of us—realized we didn’t have enough bananas to finish the recipe. So we each went to the store for bananas, called each other on the phone to share the funny story, and realized the other was doing the exact same thing.

What life-moments are you most proud of? 
I am most proud of giving birth to my three kids and becoming a mom! My second most proud moment was overcoming postpartum depression while training for and crossing the finish line of the Chicago Olympic-Distance Triathlon only 1 year after giving birth to my second child (as a bonus, I lost close to 30 pounds while training)!

What are some family traditions you enjoy?
My husband and I have participated in a trivia contest each year for the past 16 years at the University of WI-Stevens Point; the contest lasts for 54 straight hours! The majority of the contest is searching the internet for answers to questions read over the radio: 8 questions per hour for 54 hours about pop culture, movies, TV, sports, music, and random facts you wouldn’t know off the top of your head! Watching movies is another family tradition: buttery popcorn, ice cold coke, and curled up with a cozy blanket!  

Have you ever broken a bone?
Yep, I took a group of youth skiing one time. I was getting up from a fall when another skier skied right into me and broke my collar bone! 

How dedicated are you to your clients?
If you ask me to do something… I will go above and beyond to make it happen, no matter what! One time early in my photography career I traveled out-of-town to shoot a wedding. I flew my twin sister in from Texas to be my second shooter (at that time I rarely shot with a second photographer.)  At 11 pm the night before the wedding, I started to feel sharp pains in my side and after an hour of increasing pain, I went to the ER. I was in the ER until 6 am the next morning as they diagnosed a gall bladder attack. Luckily I didn’t need emergency surgery, but I was in great pain. Regardless of my rough night I showed up at 9 am to shoot the wedding! Two weeks later I had my gall bladder removed!

Do you like music?
Without music, I’d be lost! It can transform my day, and it brings me to a place of true JOY! I take after my dad and sing all the time! If you were a fly on my wall, you’d hear me sing A LOT. I sing (and perhaps dance) while cleaning, I sing while driving, I sing to each of my kids at bedtime, and I sing instructions or random sentences to my children regularly. However, I NEVER sing in the shower. Weird, right?! I love 50’s and 60’s music, country music, contemporary christian music, and polka music! I actually appreciate a lot of different genres of music, although there are a few genres I could do without.

What takes up too much of your time?
Planning meals, shopping for meals, preparing meals, doing dishes and cleaning up after meals. I wish I had a personal chef; unfortunately, I am a terrible cook.

My favorite weddings
Kind words

“These photos are amazing! We LOVE them and are so thankful for them. You, Keri, and SB were so great to us from start to finish. We appreciate how easy it was to book you guys and  once we did it was like all of our photo needs were covered from engagement to wedding. 🙂 

We also can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support in the days following the wedding. We’ll never forget having those beautiful photos of Mike when we wanted them most. We fully intend on writing a full review on The Knot, but in the meantime please know how happy we are that we went with SB and that we will definitely be recommending you to all other couples 🙂 Thanks again!”

-Megan & Jason

“We are so excited looking through these! 😊 Thank you so much to you and Keri for bringing all of your enthusiasm, talent, patience, and kindness to our day! You both were absolute professionals, and we recommend you to everyone we know. It means so much to us that you took the time to select and edit each photo – you really listened to what we were looking for and cared about everything turning out the way we wanted! We will be in touch again soon – thank you again so much for all you do!!!”

-Emily & Ed

“We hired SB Photography and Design for our wedding, and couldn’t have been happier! Matt and Keri did a great job capturing all of the must-have moments, and were creative in so many other shots, plus patient with our large and semi-chaotic family. They made sure our day was special, and we could enjoy the memories for years to come. Highly recommend!!”

-Abby & Andrew

“When it came to planning our wedding, one thing that was super important to us was the photographer and we are so glad we chose SB Photography and Design. From the beginning, SB Photography was so organized, easy to work with, and their customer service is above and beyond! We got to know our lead photographer, Matt, prior to the wedding because he shot our engagement photos. After that experience and seeing those pictures, we knew we wouldn’t want anyone else to take our wedding photos! Matt and Keri were great on the day of the wedding. They came prepared and helped make sure everything ran smoothly by giving us great direction to get the best photos possible. They totally exceeded our expectations. Our pictures turned out more beautiful than we could have dreamed! So many of our family and friends have expressed how much they enjoyed our wedding photographers and we have to agree. Choosing SB Photography and Design was honestly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We can’t wait to come back to SB Photography and Design for any other professional photos we want taken in the future!”

-Lizzy & Connor

“We would like to thank YOU for everything you did for us on our big day. We are so glad you enjoyed spending time and capturing moments with our friends and family. Our wedding day was perfect to us and it wouldn’t have been as great as it was without you and your team. Even with the snowy change of plans – making the wedding party group shots seemingly impossible, I appreciate you pushing me to take the photos. The “blizzard photos” as I like to call them are already something we can look back and laugh about because what were the odds of all that snow on the last Saturday of April!! It’s a memory to us and all of our guests that made our day so unique and I’m so glad you were able to capture it.

Thank you so much again – you guys were such a big part of making our big day so amazing!”

-Kristin & Garrett

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