About Us

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

From the moment I picked up my camera, I was hooked. Then one day IT happened: someone trusted ME to preserve those most precious memories making up the best day of their life!  While snapping away, determined not to miss a single second, I felt pure bliss – capturing the most intimate moments of a couple’s special day was truly an incredible feeling, one that to this day, I don’t think I can adequately describe.

A realization swept over me: that couple’s special day was one of the best days of MY life (that’s right, your wedding day is also incredibly special to me! :)). It was at this point that my business partner, Adam, and I took a risk and put in our two weeks’ at our traditional jobs and we never looked back. We dove into the crazy yet wonderful world of weddings, fully submerged, working more than you’d think was humanly possible because every fiber of our beings told us that in order to be happy, we needed to turn this passion into our full-time gig.

Essentially, as our vision grew, so did our team. At first it was more so to ensure we had talented creative artists we could trust so you could feel confident in choosing us in case life happens (aka “backup photographers”). We quickly discovered though that our photographers taught us just as much as we did them! It’s been several years since – we’ve come so far and are continuously learning!

We feel we have gotten phenomenally better with each and every year! Be sure to check out our 2018 weddings as we do share them from start to finish so you can see everything a couple receives. With us, what you see is truly what you get. After all, you should know what ALL of your photos will look like, not just some of our favorites that we spent hours editing to show off to the world. If you like our current start to finish weddings displayed on our site, just imagine how much better we’ll get by yours! 🙂

We’re a tight-knit group, frequently sharing in dinners and a myriad of other memories together. We talk about “work” a lot; we simply can’t stop gushing about how amazing our couples are and sharing our incredible shots with each other. My entire face still breaks into a smile when someone asks, “do you do this full-time?”

You’ll see that all of us are very similar in quality, creativity, and personality when visiting our pages. If there’s a shot you’ve fallen in love with on our site, any of us can recreate it (regardless of who shot it) as we are all well-versed in our equipment/ lighting etc. (which is clearly displayed in our portfolios!) And yes, absolutely, email us your favorite photographers because if they’re available, you can most definitely meet with them but what we really want you to know is just how incredible we all are (we add SO slowly to our team because as you can see, we only choose the best of the best) which is why we have a Meet the Team with more information than most photographers display on their entire websites! The most important trait all in the SB family possesses is that we share the same passion for weddings and the people that make up those incredible days. Our livelihood depends on making you, the couple, happy.

Capturing your moments through our creative eye has been thrilling for us and we cannot say thank you enough to the couples that have turned our dream into a reality! We promise to keep treating each and every wedding as if it were our own. We hope to not only be your wedding photographer, but also, your photographer for all of life’s beautiful milestones.

Meet the Team

We have the BEST team out there! Check out our portfolios and see what an incredible group we are. We are a small, tight-knit family that is very similar when it comes to what matters most when capturing your gorgeous day: personality (friendly, fun, and organized so our personalities always mesh so well with everyone!), style, and creativity! If you have fallen in love with one or a couple of us, absolutely, let us know and we’ll check to see if we’re available. If you’re enjoying all of us (most do!), you’ll meet your main photographer prior to the wedding (P.S. – they also shoot your engagement session!) and we’ll pick them based on the information we have about you (your venue etc.).

We know many charge extra for an owner and that’s just silly to us because as you can see we are all insanely good at what we do so why would you pay extra for an owner? After all, everyone should be at the same level!

We’re all very available for you as most of us work full-time as photographers so you can message any of us and we’re always ready and willing to help! Additionally, we ALL will do whatever it takes to get the shot! This means everything – we’ll lay on the ground, jump in the lake, climb a tree – you name it because if it means getting you that money shot, we’re on it and down for anything!

So many say “two photographers” but one basically carries the other’s equipment and they don’t split up. Beware: this is NOT two photographers, this is a photographer and their assistant. As you can see by our portfolios, you get two INCREDIBLE photographers when choosing us! And I promise you, two photographers are so important to ensure every moment of the best day of your life is thoroughly captured. 🙂

Right around seven years ago, it was just two of us. We had this bad feeling in the pit of our stomachs that if a car accident or an illness popped up unexpectedly and one of us couldn’t make a wedding (let’s face it, life happens, don’t let any two person team try to tell you differently!) that it would seriously hurt our couple’s experience! That’s when we decided to create a small team. We’ll never be a large group as bigger teams are impossible to ensure you (as the couple) consistently receive the exact same quality and creativity! And again, we’ll never go back to a two person team because we are all continuously learning so much from our incredible group and we pay a backup photographer every week because you just never know!

If one of us learns something new, we all do. We grow because we’re a small group who is constantly helping each other as well as competing to be the best with fun competitions! And again, we give you the boutique experience but we always have a back up photographer in case life happens. Everyone is extremely dependable and not ONCE in 2018 have we used our back up but it’s there and that’s SO important. Like I said, for quality control, we’ll always stay small, yet never so small that it can potentially affect our client’s experience.

We do have videographers we’re partnered with but our fun and organized personalities mesh well with all so feel free to choose any videographer as we are professionals who work great with all vendors! We feel that focusing only on photography and not videography or any other service is so important to ensure we are the best out there at what we do and always getting better with each and every wedding!

Our passion is photography and more specifically weddings. Look at our faces. Check out our photos. Read about us. After you do this, you’ll know beyond a doubt just how passionate we are about making your day absolutely perfect for you! 🙂